STEP2 To New International Students (After STEP1)

STEP2 To New International Students (After STEP1)

Entry Procedures after VISA Acquisition and Border Measures Japan

Prevention Measures (Quarantine) upon Arrival

Country/Regions visited/stayed in the 14days prior to Entry

Booster Vaccinated (Completed 3 doses)


Designated Countries/Regions


① 3 days at the facilities designated by the government (till 4th day after arrival). Negative result COVID-19 test on the 3rd day (day zero as arrival date) may leave quarantine place.

② 7 days quarantine at your own place (till 8th day after arrival).
Negative result COVID-19 test on the 3rd day (day zero as arrival date) may leave quarantine place after you send result through My SOS app. And receive permission from related ministry.

Non-Designated Countries/Regions


③ NO Quarantine

※Designated countries/regions are subject to daily change. Check the following pages for the latest information and restrictions on post-entry activities.
※Booster Vaccines which fulfill Government of Japan (GoJ) requirement.
※Current Border Measures
※For those who has entered/ returned to Japan

If you would apply to above ②, quarantine at your own place means appointed hotels listed below and you cannot book the hotel by your own.
・Landing @ Narita airport, Haneda airport:Akasaka KOYO Hotel(6-14-12, Akasaka, Mitato-ku, Tokyo)  
・Landing @Kansai airport:Comfort Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi(1-15-15, Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka)  
・Would like to stay @ Hotel in Okayama:Hotel MYSTAYS Okayama(9-16, Honmachi, Kita-ku, Okayaam-city, Okayama)

The accommodation listed on the “Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system” sent to you all is the hotel according to your arrival airport, but it can be changed if you change your arrival airport or if you prefer a hotel in Okayama City. Please select the hotel of your choice in the JTB Entry Information Registration System (AMARYS).

Costs for Quarantine Hotel

Name of the Hotel appointed by Okayama University

Conduct PCR test

Days of Stay



Akasaka KOYO Hotel
(TEL: 03-3586-4050)

6nights/7 days

No meal service available

31,680JPY+ PCR Test 11,160JPY


8nights/9 days

No meal service available


Comfort Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi

(TEL: 06-6258-3111)

6 nights/7 days

Breakfast only

25,200JPY+ PCR Test 11,160JPY


8nights/9 days

Breakfast only


Hotel MYSTAYS Okayama
(TEL: 086-800-1450)


8nights/9 days

No meal service available


※Fees may vary depending on the time of year.

Notes on those who would like to stay @ hotel in Okayama city
  • You can only travel by public transport if you can complete your journey in the shortest possible distance within 24 hours after the quarantine inspection on arrival in Japan. However, please note that even within 24 hours, you may not make any side trips before travelling to Okayama.
  • If you wish to stay at the hotel in Okayama City, please book your flight taking into account the above rules and the time required for inspection at the quarantine station and transfer from the airport to a hotel in Okayama City. If you do not have enough time, choose a hotel in Tokyo or Osaka from the list above.  
  • If you wish to take the PCR test, please book the test yourself or ask your supervisor to do so.    
    Okayama PCR Testing Centre : (PESCA compartment 6, Okayama Station underground, 1-1 Ekimoto-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0024)

    On the day of the PCR test, using public transport (trains, buses, taxis, etc.) is strictly prohibited, thus you must walk to the venue.
    You are allowed to going outside of the room due to PCR test purpose, thus, no side trips are permitted or stop over for the supermarket or other shops, restaurants are not permitted.  
  • If the PCR test is negative, please report the result on the MHLW app (MySOS) and cancel the rest of your stay by yourself only after you receive the notification in regards to the lift of your quarantine period from Immigration Health Verification Centre.

PCR Test

Those who will quarantine at own place, as a general rule, the quarantine period is Eight nights and Nine days in a hotel which is appointed by Okayama university, however if the PCR test is conducted on the fourth day after entry and if its result is negative, the quarantine period can be shortened.
If you are quarantine at the hotel in Tokyo (Akasaka KOYO Hotel) or Osaka (Comfort Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi) and wish to shorten the quarantine period, apply for a PCR test (JPY 11,160*) via AMARYS site at least FIVE days before entry to Japan. Cancellation CAN NOT be accepted.
If you conduct the PCR test, your reservation for the hotel will be for Six nights and Seven days (including time waiting for a PCR test response).
If you will plan to quarantine at a hotel in OKAYAMA, PCR testing cannot be arranged. Please check the “Notes on those who would like to stay @ hotel in OKAYAMA city” above.    
(Reference) Notification of negative proof:

Quarantine @ Dormitories for International Students on campus

For those who need to quarantine own place will be allowed to quarantine at the dormitory, subject to strict compliance with the following conditions.      

1.The applicant must be entering Japan from April onwards.

2.The applicant must be a prospective resident of Kuwanoki Dormitory, Fukui Dormitory or International House.
(*Those who placed at International Student Shared House is not allowed to use dorm as a quarantine place because of sharing the unit with other share mates)  

3.Be able to move within 24 hours of the quarantine inspection and move into the dormitory during the hours specified by the dormitory office below. 
  <Kuwanoki Dormitory>
   Weekdays: 9:00-19:00 
   Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: 11:00-17:00
  <International House and Fukui Dormitory>   
   Weekdays: 9:00-17:00
   Saturdays: 10:00-15:00
   Sundays and Holidays: No reception

4.Must strictly stay in their private rooms and not strictly refrain from walking around even within the building. Shared spaces/public space of the dorm (e.g. laundry) must not be used.

5.Must apply for the Dormitory Quarantine package (3 box meal/bread and water per day for 8 days, thermometer, daily necessities) (JPY17,000) Halal and Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian meals are available. Vegan and individual anti-allergy meals are not available.

6.Must understand the application procedure and complete all steps by the deadline referring to the Institute of Global Human Resource Development website at your own responsibility.

7.You need to have a permission from your supervisor that he/she will guide and supervise your behavior during the quarantine period in your accommodation, and in case of the emergency, your supervisor will have a responsibility.

8.Refer to the website of Institute of Global Human Resource Development, obtain the consent of your supervisor, and upload the Application and Pledge for Quarantine at OU Dormitory form toAMARYS.

9.Select the university dormitory on AMARYS as your quarantine place, and complete the upload of the Application and Pledge for Quarantine at OU Dormitory form at least 5 days prior to your arrival in Japan.   
Applications or changes made less than 5 days prior to your arrival will not be accepted for any reason, and all fees for changes must be paid by the applicant.

10. You need to AGREE that, in case of a breach of the covenant/ against the regulation, OU will have a right to terminate your permission as a residence of University Dormitory and need to leave the dormitory after your quarantine period.     

 Booking the Flight       

Airports are expected to be very busy on weekends and holiday, thus our government will
strongly  recommend students to arrive on weekdays (Monday to Thursday).
Furthermore, if you are unable to travel within the country on the day of arrival due to long inspection times at the quarantine station or flight delays, and need to change your accommodation, this may not be possible on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
When booking your airline ticket, make sure to book the flight that arrival in Japan should be on a Monday to Thursday considering the waiting time at the airport quarantine station and the time which would take to get from the airport to the hotel where you will be staying as a quarantine place.

Things to do before entering Japan

1.Register entry information in the JTB entry information registration system (AMARYS)
Register your flight number, quarantine place, smartphone rental, PCR test preferences, etc. 
Everyone must register, even those who are not required to quarantine after arrival.

As this is necessary to arrange your quarantine hotel, smartphone rental and PCR testing, you must ensure that you have and resister above information at least five days before the date of entry  into Japan. Also, if there are any changes  to your entry information, please register any amendments at least  five days before your date of entry into Japan.  

2.Please inform your supervisor of your travel information.

3.PLEDGE(Please download ledge from the following site
This must be submitted at the quarantine station (before immigration counter) at arrival airport. 
Please read the pledge, understand and agree the content of the border measures in Japan and comply with the written pledge.
Violations of the written pledge may result in revocation of your status of residence and deportation.   
See 8, below for details.

4.Install the application designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare   
Before entering Japan, install the app. specified by the Government of Japanese (GoJ) on the smartphone you bring with you.
If you do not have a smartphone can be operable in Japan or unable to install the necessary apps on your smartphone, please rent a smartphone and receive it in the quarantine station (before immigration counter) at arrival airport.    
If you need to rent a smartphone, please apply via AMARYS (see 1 above) at least five days before entering Japan. 
 ・For information on installing the *application, see the following site


Smartphone rent fee    
5,100 JPY for 8 nights/9 days
4,000 JPY for 6 nights/7days (in case of quarantine period shortened)
2,167 JPY /day (overdue)  

5.COVID-19 Negative Certificate  
Take a PCR test within 72 hours before departure and obtain a negative certificate for novel coronavirus infection. For more information, see the following website and use GoJ format or the certificate which fulfill the requirement of GoJ.

6. Questionnaires   
For health follow-up during the quarantine period, a questionnaire must be submitted to the quarantine station (before the immigration counter) at arrival airport.  
Please answer the questions on the web, create a QR code and present it at the arrival airport.

7. Fast Track
There is a “Fast Track” that allows you to fill out questionnaires, pledge forms, and register for COVID-19 Negative Certificate and vaccination certificates on the web before entering the country.
Those who use “Fast Track” are requested to install the MySOS app and fill out the questionnaire from the app. For details, please check the following website.

8.‘Mobile phone number available in Japan’ and ‘Emergency Contact telephone numbers’ to be included in the Pledge and Questionnaire.  
For the ‘Mobile phone number available in Japan’, please provide the phone number of the smartphone you will be carrying. (starting from your country code). 
If you are applying for a rental smartphone, please state the telephone number of the quarantine hotel (See Costs for Quarantine Hotel), where you will be staying, as the rental smartphone number will not be known in advance. 
Those who will stay at the facilities designated by the government or OU dormitory, please state smartphone number of your supervisor.
In the ‘Emergency contact telephone number’ section, please provide your supervisor’s 24-hour contact number, thus we will recommend students to ask your supervisor’s mobile phone number in advance. 

9.Please exchange contact details with your supervisor before your departure and inform he/she of your departure before you leave the country.

10.Written PLEDGE, Negative Certificate of COVID-19, and Questionnaires are required at the time of departure and entry into Japan. Be sure to hand carry them with you. In addition, those who have received the third dose of the vaccine against new coronavirus, which is recognized as valid by the GoJ, must hand carry your vaccination certificate with you.


Please do not bring meat products, fruits, vegetables, etc. from overseas to Japan. You cannot bring it in regardless of the quantity or the mode of transportation (baggage, personal belongings or mail).
Unlawful entry of meat products, fruits, vegetables, etc. into Japan is subject to heavy penalties (imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 3 million yen (up to 50 million yen in the case of corporations), etc.).

After Entering Japan, Quarantine Measures

Subjects 11 to 20 listed below are procedures for quarantine own place (appointed hotel or OU dormitory). If you are not required to quarantine, there are no restrictions on quarantine measures, but you should –take measures to prevent infection ((1) wear a mask, (2) thoroughly disinfect your hands, and (3) avoid the ‘three Cs’ (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings).

— and below, applicable only if you are quarantine own place (appointed hotel or OU dormitory). —–

11.Switch on the app. designated by the MHLW as soon as possible after arrival. Also, start saving your location data on the map app. of the smartphone you carry.
If you have applied for smartphone rental, please pick up your smartphone at the designated location.

12.After completing all immigration formalities, inform your supervisor of your arrival in Japan. If you have rented a smartphone, please provide its phone number to him/her.

13.You will be allowed to use public transport within 24 hours of the quarantine inspection at the arrival airport and only by taking the shortest route from the airport to the quarantine hotel. Please note, that even within 24 hours, stay overnight at other place or make side trips outside the designated waiting area is strictly prohibited. Please note that you must arrange your own transportation from arrival airport to quarantine hotel (or OU Dormitory).

14.You must stay at the designated waiting area (hotel appointed by OU, on campus dormitory or the facilities designated by the government) for the specified period.

15.During the quarantine period, you must report your health condition daily via the app. You should also inform your supervisor of your health condition. 
In addition, for quarantine hotels in Tokyo and Osaka, help desk staff will visit your room to ask your temperature and interview you about your health condition on daily bases.

16.You will receive video calls from the Immigration Health Management Centre at irregular intervals, so turn the video of app. on and answer the calls when you receive it.

17.PCR tests are conducted on the fourth day after entry to Japan for those who wish to take them (this service available those who quarantine at the hotel in TOKYO or OSAKA only).
The PCR test kit will be brought to your room by the help desk staff of the travel agency and collected after the test. 
If you wish to have a PCR test, please apply at AMARYS at least five days before entry Japan.

Once you order PCR test kit, Cancellation CAN NOT be accepted.

18.After the PCR test, you will be informed of the test results in approx. two days. If the test is ‘negative’, report the test result on the MHLW application (MySOS).
(Reference) Notification of negative test results

19.When the Immigration Health Centre informs you that you may leave the quarantine place, your Quarantine will be over.

20.Travel to Okayama (please arrange your own transport) with taking measures to prevent infection ((1) wear a mask, (2) thoroughly disinfect your hands, and (3) avoid the ‘three Cs’ (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings).

Preparation Guide for New International Students

This preparation guide is written based on normal procedures required before and after your arrival in Japan. Follow the procedures promptly by reading this through and staying updated on information through email from the International Affairs Department or our website.