Garbage should be thrown out on the day set by the municipality.
The day of the week is determined by the type of garbage, such as burnable garbage, non-burnable garbage, and plastic resources.
Even in the same municipality, collection days and hours are different depending on the district or street address, so please be sure to know the rules for your area.

Information regarding illegal dumping of garbage

Okayama City requires a fee for burnable and non-burnable garbage.
Please purchase fee-based designated bag (called “yuuryoshitei-bukuro”) at supermarkets or convenience stores, and throw out your garbage properly according to the garbage disposal rules (designated date and time, separation, etc.) of your residential area.

Students living in Okayama University dormitories are required to dispose of garbage according to the dormitory rules.

Also, please do not dump your garbage without permission at places that are not designated as garbage disposal stations by your residential district (commercial facilities, garbage dumps in other condominiums, etc.).

If you have any trouble separating your garbage…