Dormitories for International Students


Okayama University has four dormitories for international students and researchers: Kuwanoki Dormitory for International Students, Fukui Dormitory for International Students, International House for International Students and Researchers, and International Student Shared House, which is for international and Japanese students.
These accommodations provide residence for international students and researchers engaged in study and research at the university, and also contribute to the promotion of international exchange. All of these dormitories are conveniently located within walking distance from Tsushima Campus.

For more information on pre-enrollment procedures, please check the page below.

Dormitory Rules

Warning cards will be issued for any violation of the dormitory rules. Accumulation of three yellow cards will result in immediate eviction, and one red card also will result in immediate eviction. For more information on the criteria for warning cards, please check the page below.

Please understand there are rules that must be followed in order for everyone to be comfortable in the shared living environment. For more detailed rules, check the Rules and Regulations booklet for each dormitory or in the Dorm Orientation.

Please note that Okayama University is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the dormitory, including your own room.

Managers and  Resident Assistants (RA)

Each dormitory has dormitory managers, working during the designated hours. The managers will deal with any problems that may arise during your stay. In addition, Japanese students live in Kuwanoki Dormitory as Resident Assistants (RA) to provide support for daily life activities of International Students.