Rules and Regulations


  North Wing South Wing
Monthly rent 16,000 yen 14,000 yen
Admission fee(Non-refundable) 30,000 yen 30,000 yen
Monthly utility fee 7,800 yen (fixed price) 5,900 yen (fixed price, excluding gas*)
*Actual gas expense will be billed separately by the gas company. 

A bill will be sent to each resident’s mailbox every month, and payment must be made at the bank by the last day of each month. 
You are required to pay the full monthly rent even if you move into the dormitory in the middle of the month. However, in the following cases, the rent will be as follows.

Moving in after September 24: Half of the monthly rent

Moving out in March or September (by the 15th of each month): Half of the monthly rent


Period of Stay

Between 1 month and 1 year. (*In principle, the period of stay cannot be extended.)

*For priority tenants whose expected period of enrollment at Okayama University is for 1 year or more, the period of stay is up to 6 months.
*For semi-priority tenants, the period of stay is up to 6 months regardless of the expected period of enrollment at Okayama University.
For details, please check the move-in notification email you received prior to your arrival in Japan. If you need a certificate of the PERMISSION FOR RESIDENCE, please ask the dorm manager after moving in.


  North Wing South Wing
Type Single student Single student
No. of rooms 51 100
Area 14.4㎡ 19.5㎡
No. of floors 1-3rd 1-5th
Constructed in 1983(Renovated in 2012) 1988

In-room Facilities

Desk, Chair, Bookshelf (South Wing only), Locker, Bed, Air conditioner, Bath, Toilet, Mini-kitchen (North Wing: IH stove, South Wing: Gas stove), Fridge, Curtains, Free wired/Wi-Fi internet service


Please prepare your own tableware and bedding. Laundry machines are available in the common laundry room on each floor.

North Wing

South Wing

Shared Facilities

North Wing

1st floor: Common Room, Conversation Hall, Library, Japanese Room, Laundry Room
Each floor: Laundry Room, Conversation Room

South Wing

Each floor: Laundry Room



Usage Rules for Shared Facilities (Effective from April 1, 2023)

Usage Rules for Shared Facilities of Kuwanoki Dormitory

Purpose of Usage 

The shared facilities of Kuwanoki Dormitory for International Students are facilities to enhance the living environment for residents of Kuwanoki Dormitory for International Students, International Student Shared House, Fukui Dormitory for International Students, and International House (hereinafter referred to as “residents”). Therefore, in principle, the purpose of usage shall be for activities that contribute to the welfare of the Residents, such as cultural exchange with other residents and Okayama University students. However, the usage is not permitted for the following activities:

  1. Missionary or political activities (missionary work, propagation/advertisement, persuasion for enrollment, forcing of donation)
  2. Activities with commercial purposes (excluding donation activities run by Kuwanoki RA)
  3. Activities contrary to the Purpose of Usage
  4. Other activities that are deemed to seriously interfere with the management and operation of the dormitory


Persons who can use the shared facilities of Kuwanoki Dormitory for International Students (hereinafter referred to as “users”) are as follows: 

  1. Residents
  2. Visitors using the facilities with residents (*Visitors alone may not use the facilities) 

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation are 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.
However, the Conversation Rooms and Library shall be kept locked outside the manager’s business hours. The Japanese-style Rooms, as well as the Conversation Rooms on the second and third floors of North Wing, shall be kept locked when not in use.

Intended facilities

  • Common Room, Courtyard: Not available for exclusive use
  • Conversation Room, Library: Pre-reservation is required for use outside of manager’s business hours or exclusive use
  • Japanese-style Rooms, Conversation Rooms on 2nd/3rd floors of Building N: Permission from the manager must be obtained before using 

Terms of Use

  1. Drinking alcohol is prohibited.
  2. The use of fire is prohibited.
  3. Do not disturb neighbors with loud noise, etc.
  4. Clean up the room and take your garbage home after use.
  5. In the event of loss of, or damage to equipment or fixture of the facilities, the users shall restore it to its original state or compensate it.
  6. Do not enter areas other than the usage area.
  7. Do not visit the dormitory by car. No parking available.
  8. Permission from the manager must be obtained before using the Japanese-style Rooms, as well as the Conversation Rooms on the second and third floors of North Wing. Do not bring food and drinks into the Japanese-style room (except when used for tea ceremonies). 

Procedure for Usage

When reserving for exclusive use:
Fill in the reservation sheet prepared at each facility in advance (available at the last minute if there is vacancy). Only residents can make reservations. Pre-reservation will be prioritized. However, official events hosted by the dormitory or the International Affairs Department are to be prioritized. 

When using outside the manager’s business hours:
After completing the procedure for exclusive use, receive the key of the facility during the manager’s business hours on the day. When you have finished using the room, lock it and return the key in a way specified by the manager. Loss or damage of the key shall be borne by the key recipient.

Procedure for Entry

Visitors and residents from the other international student dormitories shall fill in the visitor sign in sheet in front of the manager’s office when entering and exiting the dormitory. 


  1. When violating these rules, a resident will be given a warning card and the related parties may not be allowed to use the shared facilities in the future, based on the Detailed Eviction Regulations of Okayama University Dormitories for International Students and Researchers.
  2. The use may be discontinued depending on the spread status of COVID-19 or when it is deemed necessary for management and operation.


6-1 Tsushima-Kuwanoki-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0084