Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program

Okayama University accepts overseas students (Chinese government students) under “Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program (国家公派研究生項目)”, organized by Chinese Scholarships Council.

Eligibility (persons who meet all of the following requirements)

Application Process

Guidelines and Forms

Time Limit for Application

  • For the latest information on language proficiency requirements and application deadlines, please check with each host graduate school.
  • Before you apply, you need to obtain an informal consent (examination permission) from supervisor at Okayama University. To obtain informal consent, review the list of potential supervisors at Okayama University doing research in your area of interest.
    Consult with the potential supervisor directly about the details of things like the research content and research period. Apply after obtaining their informal consent (examination permission).

Flow of the Application Procedures

Inquiries about the application and where to submit documents
Okayama University
International Affairs Department International Student Division
E-mail: dde7046●
*Please change ● to @.
2-1-1 Tsushima-naka, Kita-ku, Okayama 700 -8530