FAQ – Research Students

The research student enrollment is a system that allows students to conduct research in a specific field of specialization at a faculty, graduate school, or other institution. International students who wish to enter graduate school may first enroll as research students and deepen their understanding of research in their field of specialization under the guidance of a supervisor in preparation for entering a master’s or doctoral program. Research students do not receive a degree or academic credits from Okayama University. Requirements and admission periods vary by faculty/graduate school, and some may not accept research students.

The general procedure is as follows.

  1. Go to Directory of Researchers at Okayama University to find an advising professor in the field of your interest. 
  2. Contact the advising professor directly by email or other means. When doing that, attach your curriculum vitae and research plan.
  3. Wait for unofficial consent for acceptance from the professor from whom you seek supervision.
  4. Obtain application documents through the graduate school office or your accepting professor.
  5. Prepare and submit the necessary documents.

The matriculation dates for research students are in April and October. Generally, the entrance examination consists of document screening (and an interview via the Internet), so there is no need to come to Japan to take the entrance examination. Consult with your accepting professor for further information. Please check the application periods and language proficiency requirements for research students at each school or faculty. 

The Foundation Course for Post Graduate Studies (known as the Pre-Master’s Course) is a preparatory course for international students proceeding to the graduate level, who hope to enter Okayama University’s graduate courses. It consists of classes on academic Japanese needed in research after entering graduate school and activities to deepen enrollees’ understanding of specialized fields.
Providing instruction and advice to students will be done by Pre-Master’s Course academic advisors (covering academic Japanese) and graduate school academic advisors. While enrolled for six months (up to two years at the longest) as research students in the Institute of Global Human Resource Development, the students aim to improve the knowledge and practical skills they will use in research activities. 

Please refer to the Directory of Researchers at Okayama University, or the introduction to teaching staff on the website of each graduate school. 

Find an advising professor in the field of your interest in Directory of Researchers at Okayama University or the introduction to teaching staff of each graduate school. If no contact information is available, contact him or her via  thegraduate course’s office for inquiries on entrance examinations.

We are sorry to say there are no scholarships for research students offered through Okayama University, but there may be some scholarships for research students that you can apply for on your own.
For information on scholarships, see the Japan Student Services Organization’s (JASSO’s) pamphlet,Scholarships for International Students in Japan.