Recruitment of buddies for EPOK (Exchange Program of Okayama University)

We are recruiting buddies for EPOK students who will be accepted from partner universities in April 2021.

EPOK is a program in under which Okayama University concludes short-term exchange agreements with overseas universities. Okayama University invites students from the partner universities every semester, while at the same time sending students from Okayama University to the partner universities.
EPOK students come from countries such as the United States, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, etc., and study at Okayama University for six months to one year.

EPOK Buddies will be asked to volunteer to support EPOK international students in their life in Japan.
For example, you can help them with things like daily life when they first arrive in Japan, with procedures at the city hall, Japanese study
Your willingness to support international students is more important than your English language skills.
EPOK Buddies need to be fluent in Japanese both in speaking and writing.

(Application details are detailed stated on the Japanese site)