International Student Shared House


Monthly rent 23,000 yen
Admission fee(Non-refundable) 30,000 yen
Monthly utility fee 5,200 yen(fixed price)

Even if you move into the dormitory in the middle of the month, you are required to pay the full monthly rent. However, in the following cases, the rent will be as follows.

Moving in after September 24: Half of the monthly rent

Moving out in March or September (by the 15th of each month): Half of the monthly rent


Period of Stay

Up to 6 months
*Except for those who have been in the program for less than one year. For details, please check the move-in notification email you received prior to your arrival in Japan. If you need a certificate of the PERMISSION FOR RESIDENCE, please ask the dorm manager after moving in.


Type Single student
No. of rooms* 30 units
Area Common Space 29.6㎡ Private room 7.9㎡
No. of floors 1-5th
Constructed in 2016

*Units are separated for men and women, and basically consist of four students: one Japanese and three international students.

In-unit Facilities

Shoebox, Curtains, Air conditioner, Shower room, Wash basin, Toilet (with bidet functions), Kitchen facilities (Sink, Shelf and IH stove), Cupboard, Fridge, Microwave, Electric kettle, Dining table with 4 chairs, Washing machine, Drying poles for units with a veranda, Flashlight, Free Wi-Fi

1st floor entrance

Hallway in front of the entrance to the 1st floor units



In-room Facilities

Desk, Chair, Single bed, Curtains, Air conditioner, Free Wi-Fi/Wired internet service


Prepare your own tableware and bedding.


You may bring your own furniture and appliances ONLY for use in your private room. However, you are not allowed to change the furniture. Also, you are not allowed to put your personal belongings in the common space (living room, etc.) of International Student Shared House. Open flames are strictly prohibited in all dormitories, so you may not bring in kotatsu or stoves. We also prohibit the use of personal washing machines.




Rules and Regulations


6-2 Tsushima-Kuwanoki-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0084 Japan