新入留学生のみなさんへ(下書き) - IGHRD, Okayama University

To New International Students

The following is a guide to the immigration procedures based on Japan’s border measures.
We would like to ask your kind attention on this issue, therefore carefully read procedure below and flow the steps.


As of October 11, 2022, all returnees and entrants are no longer required to submit the “ERFS Acceptance Certificate,” which was previously necessary when applying for a visa, and there is no longer a quarantine period after arrival in Japan. However, “countries/regions where mutant strains other than Omicron strain are confirmed to be dominant” (hereinafter referred to as “Designated Countries”) are excluded. Please check the latest information by yourself as the Designated Countries may be changed in the future depending on the situation.

Things to Do Before Entering Japan

  1. After booking your flight, log in to the CESR System and register your travel information (date of entry, arrival airport, etc.).
  2. Check the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare page for current Japanese border measures and required documents upon entry into Japan.
  3. Get “valid vaccination certificate” or “negative certificate of Covid-19 testing within 72 hours prior to departure”. 

    All persons entering Japan are required to submit either a valid vaccination certificate (3 doses) or a negative certificate of testing taken within 72 hours prior to departure. Please see below for details.

    Valid vaccine certificate:
    Certificate of testing within 72 hours prior to departure:

  4. Register for Fast Track

    1. Fast Track is a way to handle quarantine procedures from Visit Japan Web
      You can click the “Fast Track” button on Visit Japan Web to register your certificates/documents and have them reviewed in advance.
      If you use Fast Track, the verification procedures for your questionnaire responses and Covid-19 testing certificate or vaccination certificate can be handled before you enter Japan. 
    2. Border control measures may be updated. Please check the latest information and register within two weeks of your planned entry into Japan.
      The deadline will be displayed on the registration screen of the quarantine procedure (Fast Track) on the Visit Japan Web, so please complete the registration by the deadline. Registration is complete when all required information has been entered and the yellow or blue “Screening Completed” screen appears. 

    3. Those who cannot register Fast Track must complete the questionnaire in advance.
      Please answer the questionnaire on the web in advance, create a QR code, and present it at the time of quarantine inspection.
  5. Vaccination certificates, pre-departure inspection certificates, and questionnaires are required for departure and entry. Be sure to bring them with you. Also, if you are using the Fast Track, be sure to bring your smart phone and present the QR code at the time of immigration procedures.


    Please do not bring meat products, fruits, vegetables, etc. from overseas to Japan. You cannot bring it in regardless of the quantity or the mode of transportation (baggage, personal belongings or mail).
    Unlawful entry of meat products, fruits, vegetables, etc. into Japan is subject to heavy penalties (imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 3 million yen (up to 50 million yen in the case of corporations), etc.).

Things to Do After Entering Japan

Take measures to prevent infection ((1) wear a mask, (2) thoroughly disinfect your hands, and (3) avoid the ‘three Cs’ (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings).


Preparation Guide for New International Students

This preparation guide is written based on normal procedures required before and after your arrival in Japan. Follow the procedures promptly by reading this through and staying updated on the latest information through emails from the International Affairs Department or our website.