Faculty Discovery Program for Global Learners
Dormitory Kuwanoki Dormitory
Period of stay April 2021 to September 2023

Why Did I Apply?

I had hoped to try studying abroad while still in college, but was forced to abandon the idea due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was during this time that I came across an opening for a Resident Assistant position at Kuwanoki Dormitory, an “environment that allows students to study abroad while remaining in Japan.” I applied for the position in the hope that I would be able to develop my language skills and event management abilities through interacting with international students and organizing events and orientations, with a focus on supporting the daily lives of international students.

What I Learned as an RA

I learned many things while working as an RA, but I especially realized the importance of listening skills and initiative. 
Kuwanoki RAs live with international students while managing events, solving problems in the dormitory, and responding to consultations from dorm residents. 
In event management, all RAs experience being in charge at least once during their terms of employment. This is not mandatory, but rather voluntary, and everyone starts with no experience. In order to realize the needs of dorm residents in addition to the event image that RAs aim for, leadership and communication skills are of course necessary. However, with the support of my senior RAs, I learned that it is even more important to have a flexible thinking attitude, to value listening skills, and to make an effort to encourage others through voluntary involvement in the management of the event. In addition, when solving problems and responding to consultations in the dormitory, it is necessary to work to prevent problems before they become bigger. In addition to listening to the dorm residents on a daily basis, I think I learned the importance of having a broad perspective so that I can notice even small changes.

What I Experienced

Each RA has a different background before becoming an RA. Every day living as an RA while respecting the colors created by various international students brought new discoveries and challenges. It was a very meaningful experience for me to work with encouraging RA members who helped me to connect my awareness to learning.

Message to Applicants

RA is a wonderful time for any Okayama University student in their sophomore year or above to take up the challenge! The duration of the RA can be from half a year to longer, and you can have an experience similar to studying abroad in Japan according to your own goals. If you want to interact with international students, organize and plan events, grow as a person, meet great friends, etc., if any of these apply to you or if you would like to take on a challenge, why not become a member of RAs?