Name Hinako HAMANO
Faculty Global Discovery Program for Global Learners
Dormitory Kuwanoki Dormitory
Period of stay March 2020 to March 2023

Why Did I Apply?

Due to the covid pandemic just before I was to move on to my second year of university, and my impatience with the fact that I wanted to study abroad but was not sure of my purpose, I was searching for a way to continue to have fun and be involved with international students. That is why I was very attracted to RA, where I could experience an atmosphere similar to that of studying abroad while still in Japan, and where I could also grow.

Growth as a Person

RA work helped me develop the skills required by working professionals, such as email, planning events, and participating in meetings. At first, I was not familiar with the work and often caused trouble for those around me, and I also made mistakes. However, I think I was able to use this opportunity to grow as a person a lot. 

Involvement with Dorm Residents

Dorm residents who joined the events that RAs organized talked to me and we became good friends naturally. Even after they left the dormitory, we hung out and even traveled together, which was a memorable experience.

Building Confidence in RA Experience

Although I had no plans to work in English, my RA experience has given me confidence, and I would like to work abroad someday. Also, from now on, I would like to share my activities in English even in my daily life. And I am looking forward to helping international students and tourists from abroad in some situations.

Message to Applicants

RA is an experience that you can only have during your university life at Okayama University. Why not take advantage of this opportunity? Also, why don’t you gain the experience of working with international students and achieving goals with your friends, which is different from studying abroad or working part-time? We hope that more and more students of Okayama University will actively enjoy this valuable environment as working RAs!