Name Rikako TERADA
Faculty Discovery Program for Global Learners
Dormitory Kuwanoki Dormitory
Period of stay April 2023 to March 2024 

Why Did I Apply?

Since it was the right time for me to return home from my study abroad program, my purpose was to maintain my language skills and experience international exchange. I had been interested in RA since before I studied abroad, and I applied because I wanted to make my life more fulfilling for the year leading up to graduation. 

What I Liked About Being an RA 

Surrounded by the dormitory managers, other RAs, and dormitory residents, life was warmer and more secure than living alone. I could rely on the managers if I had any problems, and I was able to see my RA friends every day, which made my life very fulfilling. I think the best thing about living in a dormitory as an RA for me was that I was able to gain this kind of connection with other people.

What I Learned and the Acquired Skills

I think I have gained the skills to be aware of surroundings because I had been expected to pay attention to the dormitory residents. I also learned a lot from other RA members, such as remembering the faces and names of dorm residents as much as possible, always greeting people in the dorm, and developing an attitude of going above and beyond the required duties. 

Message to Applicants

RAs are selected through a selection process and are often considered a difficult position with a high ratio of applicants, but I believe that what is important is motivation and ambition rather than experience or language skills. If you are at all interested, please do not be afraid of failure and give it a try.