What is a Privately Financed International Student?

  1. Foreign students who enter Japan for the purpose of receiving a university-level education and have not received any financial support such as scholarships for foreign student from the Japanese government(MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology);
  2. Foreign students who are self-funded; and,
  3. Foreign students who receive scholarships other than the Japanese government’s (MEXT)scholarship but have not been dispatched by foreign governments.

Acceptance of Privately Financed International Students

  • directly enter the university as a “Research Student” after successfully going through the application procedures
  • enrol in a private Japanese language education facility, receive Japanese language education, and then enter through the university entrance examination.
  • directly enter from overseas through the Privately Financed International Student Special Entrance Examination or graduate school entrance examination

Financial Independence

Privately Financed International Students must show they will be able to support themselves while studying in Japan. In order to live and pay tuition in Japan, it is necessary to pay at least 80,000 yen a month. Upon acceptance, candidates must provide documentation to confirm their claims of economic independence.
Students do not show sufficient ability to pay their expenses will not be able to apply for a student visa through the International Student Division, International Affairs Department.

Acceptance of Research Students

Please check “Application Period, Requirements for Admission, Etc. for Research Students” regarding language standards for accepting a Privately Financed International Student as a “Research Student”.
*The above is for fiscal 2020. For the latest application conditions, please contact the person in charge of academic affairs of the department directly.

Acceptance of Credited Auditors

Privately Financed International Students undergo strict examination to become Credited Auditors. “Student Visas” for Credited Auditors are in principle not issued until the validity of the Credited Auditor is proved.

Thorough Identification

The Credited Auditor system allows students to take individual courses. It is assumed that those who live in a foreign country will not enter Japan solely for that purpose. Therefore, each department should confirm through interviews and other evidence whether the purpose for taking the course is clear and whether the students can fully understand the contents of the course.

Strict Retention Management

When a foreign national stays in Japan on a “Student Visa”, he or she is required not only to follow their course of study, but also to strictly manage their attendance. Foreign nationals are required to maintain regular attendance under the Immigration Control Act(more than 10 hours a week). In the case of Credited Auditors, who do not have a teaching advisor, the course instructor should understand they are obliged to report the attendance of the Credited Auditor.

Language Ability Standards

The language proficiency that is used as a guideline for application conditions when privately financed international student is accepted as “Research Student” also applies to Credited Auditor.