Special Auditor and Special Research Student Based on Student Exchange Agreements

Acceptance of Special Auditor and Special Research Student Based on Student Exchange Agreements

Based on the student exchange agreement between Okayama university and overseas universities, students enrolled at overseas universities will be accepted for a short period (less than one year), and students must be enrolled at the sending university during the acceptance period. In addition, if there is a non-collection clause in the agreement, tuition fees at Okayama University will be exempted.

International students accepted under this system are classified into two categories according to their study purpose:

  • Special Auditor: Student who attend classes at Okayama University
  • Special Research Student: Student who receive research guidance
International Exchange

University Level

Faculty Level


Applications from Special Auditors and Special Research Students, except for acceptance by EPOK, are examined by the receiving departments. The International Affairs Department will issue an acceptance letter to those who have been accepted and determined to be accepted through the acceptance examination at the department based on an application from the department (documents related to the person accepted used for the CESR support system are sent to International Affairs Department). Please see this page for the details.


Exchange students accepted under the agreement are considered priority tenants of university dormitories. When tenants are recruited twice a year, once in April and once in October, International Affairs Department makes inquiries to the academic affairs staff of each department about the existence of priority tenants and secures rooms for them. If the number of priority tenants exceeds the number of vacant rooms, a lottery will be held. If there is a person accepted for residence on an irregular basis, such as a Special Research Student, or a person who has been accepted after the expiration of the application period for priority tenants, please consult with International Affairs Department separately through the person in charge of academic affairs in your department. However, rooms may not be available depending on the occupancy status.


Exchange students under the Program of the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) “International Student Support Program” may receive the following scholarship.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) “International Student Support Program”
Monthly scholarship 80,000 yen
Pay Period Same as the period of study, less than one year
Eligibility Exchange Students accepted under an agreement and enrolled at the sending university throughout their study period and whose GPA in the previous academic year was 2.3 or more (3 point scale).

Courses Available for Exchange Students

They will select courses from those offered by the faculty or graduate school they will enroll in. If exchange students wish to study Japanese, they can also take the Japanese Language Course offered by the Center for Liberal Arts and Language Education. There is also a course called “Study of Japan” offered by the Institute of Global Human Resource Development, which introduces experiences in Japanese culture for undergraduate exchange students.