Faculty Humanities and Social Sciences
Dormitory Kuwanoki Dormitory
Period of stay September 2021 to March 2022

Why Did I Apply?

After my planned study abroad program was interrupted, I decided that I wanted to study in an international environment even in Japan. As some of you may have been in a similar situation, I was forced to return to Japan midway through my studies due to COVID, and after returning to Japan, I continued to take online classes and felt depressed. I was thinking, “If I end my student life like this, I will regret it,” when I saw the application for the RA position. In addition to being able to support the lives of international students, I felt that the connections I would make with other RAs would definitely be beneficial to me, so I applied for the position.

What I Learned as an RA During COVID Pandemic

I moved in in September 2021, when the fourth and fifth waves of the COVID were in full swing. I had heard in advance about the situation and regulations of the dormitory in the wake of the COVID pandemic, but when I actually moved in, there were not many international students, and I felt lonely at many times. Even in such a situation, I was able to acquire the ability to think about things from multiple perspectives through the process of thinking about what I could do for the current and future international students, discussing, and planning events. In managing information sessions and events through online, I was able to acquire the ability to manage and act in accordance with life and times that will continue to change in various ways in the future.

Six Intense Months in a Blink of an Eye

At the time I moved in, I had only 6 months left of my student life, which means I had only 6 months to work as an RA. Looking back now that I have completed most of those six months, I realize that although they passed very quickly, they were the most intense six months of my student life to date, and I had many rare experiences.

To be honest, before moving in, I had many concerns about whether I would be able to get along with the RAs and international students in six months and whether I would be able to properly manage the dormitory. However, through the weekly RA meetings and various events held almost every month, I felt a change in myself as I became able to strengthen the bonds among the RAs and actively engage in activities. In particular, I felt a different sense of accomplishment when I organized a Christmas event for the first time as a responsible person, and most of all, I was very happy to see the happy faces of the international students.

Some of you may be hesitant because you don’t have much time before graduation… but I urge you to experience this intense time!

Message to Applicants

There is a turnover of RAs, times and lifestyles change… I believe that Kuwanoki Dormitory will be updated all the time. Living in the Kuwanoki Dormitory and the connections between people give me a lot of inspiration every day! It doesn’t matter what year you’re in, what gender you are, or how long you’ve been here, if you’re even remotely interested in RA, I encourage you to apply! I wish you a wonderful life at Kuwanoki Dormitory.