Name Miki KAGAMI
Faculty MP Course
Dormitory Kuwanoki Dormitory
Period of stay March 2017 to March 2021

Why Did I Apply?

The reason I applied was because a senior student I met at the L-Cafe was a Resident Assistant (RA) and invited me to attend events at the dormitory. I began to see the RA work up close. Seeing this, I decided to apply for the RA position.

What I’ve Learned and Gained from Being an RA

RAs change every year. Although the overall atmosphere of the members may change each time, people who are basically open and curious apply for this role. The key element in working as an RA is the members. Although there are many disagreements during planning and policy making, we work as a team and naturally acquire the ability to find solutions through discussion. Through the openness and freedom of exchanging opinions, I learned more about myself, learned how to get along with others, and inevitably developed strong relationships with the members.

Unlike other experiences, RA activities are long-term, closely related to daily life, and in a special environment surrounded by international students. This aspect of RA activities is different from club activities and volunteer work, and by comparing the experience gained from other activities with the experience gained from RA, there are things to notice and grow. As a person who grew up overseas and is unfamiliar with Japanese society, I am considering finding a job at a Japanese company, and by comparing my RA activities with other activities, I have come to see what I am lacking and what I am suited for.
In the future, I will go out into the world to find a job, but I will cherish the experiences and encounters I have gained here, and I will not forget my curiosity and teamwork.

Message to Applicants

I highly recommend the dormitory for those who want to live while interacting with other people. At Kuwanoki dormitory, you can maintain the privacy of living alone as you would in an apartment, but you can also interact with people through shared facilities and events that only a dormitory can offer. Although COVID-19 pandemic restricts our activities, we are still working on new projects to see how we can be a part of the dorm residents’ lives. If you are interested in RA, please come and visit us!