Name Yukino SHIOMI
Faculty Natural Science and Technology
Dormitory International Student Shared House
Period of stay April 2020 to March 2023

Why Did I Apply?

I went to England to study in my third year of university. At that time, I had cancelled my apartment contract, so when I was looking for a room for the rest of my student life, I found an application for International Student Shared House. I recalled how local students helped me when I had trouble during my stay in England, and I decided to apply, hoping that this time I would be able to support students who came to Japan to study so that they could spend their time comfortably. 

What I Learned Living in International Student Shared House

I had originally lived abroad and had been lucky enough to have opportunities to interact with a wide variety of people. Because of this, I was not too worried about living in International Student Shared House. However, when I actually started living together with my roommates, I was often frustrated by the differences in culture and customs. Also, even if I was able to express my feelings clearly, I had to do so in English, so I encountered many situations where I was afraid that I might hurt them depending on how I talked. Even so, I had the courage to express my feelings, and this was a step toward a more comfortable living environment for all of us. 
It is natural that differences in culture and customs will cause some differences. However, I felt that I was able to find the “problem-solving ability” in my daily life to think about how to deal with such differences, rather than just dismissing them as “unavoidable”. 

What I Experienced

While some students who come to study at Okayama University are fluent in either Japanese or English, there are many who are not so good at either. In such cases, the problem is the language barrier that prevents communication. In the beginning, I tried to speak without using electronic devices as much as possible, but gradually I often felt that since this was not a language exam or test, communication would be easier with the use of a few electronic devices (mainly smartphones) in order to speak more smoothly.
Certainly, it is considered not good to use those kinds of things to improve language and communication skills, but more than that, especially since I entered the dormitory after the covid pandemic happened, it was also an opportunity to learn how to communicate things to others in a short way while living here. This is a dinner cooked by a friend of mine. 

Message to Applicants

I believe that this International Student Shared House is a place where you can not only improve your language skills, but also feel more familiar with different cultures. Also, although you will probably encounter many challenges and problems while living, it is an environment where you will be able to acquire the skills to overcome them. I encourage you to try living in International Student Shared House as your first step toward taking on new challenges.