International House (For Researchers)

International House is an accommodation for international researchers and students. It is located at Tsushima Campus. For more details, please refer here.


Applicants must be:

  1. Single or have up to a three member family (spouse and one child).
  2. International researchers engaged in research at Okayama University (Okayama University Regulation No. 52).
  3. International trainees engaged in research at Okayama University (Okayama University Regulation No.68).

Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the facility under any condition. Residents who accommodate non-residents at the dormitory will be evicted immediately.

How to Apply

Faculty members who are planning to host International Researchers who wish to stay the International House should make reservations through the Accommodation Reservation System. The application procedure will be notified by e-mail after the official reservation is completed through the system.


There is a bed in each room, but no bedding. Residents must prepare their own bedding. If you would like to purchase or rent a Bedding-set for residents, faculty members who will host International Researchers should apply for it through theAccommodation Reservation System. If you wish to purchase it, please pay for it at the time of move-in procedures on the spot (cash only). For rent, an invoice will be handed over at a later date.

  • Inquiries for purchase

    tanaka● *Please change ● to @.
Fee for Purchase

10,000 yen
Comforter / Futon mattress / Pillow / 3 kinds of covers / Storage case

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  • Inquiries for rent

    International Affairs Department Housing Team
    housing● *Please change ● to @.
Fee for Rent

Within 30 days: 3,510 yen (*plus tax), more than 31 days : 117 yen x number of days (*plus tax)
Comforter / Futon mattress / Blanket / Pillow / Sheets / Pillow case 

Determination of Residents

After completion of the reservation application through the accommodation reservation system, the reservation will be completed in the order of confirmation of acceptance as an International Researcher, etc. by the International Exchange System.
*Please note that a room will not be reserved if you have only entered the applicants’ information in the accommodation reservation system and have not confirmed that you have completed the procedures for acceptance as an International Researcher.