If you were not allocated a room in a dormitory for international students or a university leased apartment, please find a private apartment by yourself. The average monthly rent for private apartments with standard facilities and size around the university is about 25,000 yen to 40,000 yen.


When renting in Japan, a joint guarantor is generally required. Okayama University cannot act as a joint guarantor for you. If necessary, please use a private guarantor company designated by the real estate agency. In the case of using a private guarantor, the annual guarantee fee is approximately 10,000 yen to 25,000 yen. For details on a guarantor company recommended by the university, please check the page below.


An annual guarantor service fee is 30% of monthly rent (minimum fee of 15,000 yen) for the first year and 10,000 yen for the second year onward.

Fire Insurance

Students renting an apartment that requires fire insurance, please take out private fire insurance specified by the real estate agency or other company. We recommend the University Co-op’s Student Comprehensive Mutual Insurance.

Searching for an Apartment Before Coming to Japan

If you would like to search for an apartment before coming to Japan, real estate agencies recommended by the university will help you. Please contact them if you wish.

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Information to be included in an email

  • Your name
  • Contact information (Email address, Mobile phone number, and SNS ID (if any))
  • Sex, age, and nationality
  • Faculty or graduate school you will enroll in
  • Location of the property
    *Okayama University has four campuses (Tsushima, Shikata, Kurashiki, and Misasa). If you wish to live closer to the campus, please specify the name of the campus where the faculty/graduate school you will enroll in is located.
  • Price range (budget) of the property you wish to rent
  • Desired facilities (Internet, All-electric utilities, IH cooking stove, Automatic lock entrance, Air conditioner, Furnished with home appliances, etc.)
  • Other conditions or preferences if any