Dormitories for International Students

Okayama University has four dormitories for international students: Kuwanoki Dormitory, Fukui Dormitory, International House, and International Student Shared House. All of these dormitories are conveniently located within walking distance from Tsushima Campus. 

Residence Allocation

Among those who come to Japan from overseas to study, rooms in the dormitories for international students will be allocated in order of priority based on the university’s criteria. No application is necessary. It is not possible to make a request for a room in any particular dormitory. You will be informed by email from the International Affairs Department at least one month before the enrollment day whether or not you have been allocated a room in a dormitory. No change of dormitories or rooms will be allowed after you have moved in.

Priority Tenants

No application is required; rooms are reserved in advance for international students who fall under the category of Priority Tenants for April and October enrollment.

Tenants other than Priority Tenants

Please apply to the faculty or graduate school where you plan to enroll. If you are not able to move into a dormitory, please find a private apartment by yourself.

Priority Order

Priority Tenant 1 MEXT students
2 Government-sponsored undergraduate students (limited to those who have been requested to be accepted through MEXT)
3 Okayama-Hue International Master’s Program students
4 Students accepted under inter-university and inter-departmental exchange agreements
5 Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program
students (Non-degree seeking students)
6 Global Discovery Program students who pass the international entrance exam and are admitted to the program
7 Students who pass the International Baccalaureate entrance examination and enter the university
Semi-priority Tenant 8 International students accepted based on the special overseas entrance examination (including those who have completed the O-NECUS program)
9 Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program
students (Degree seeking students)
10 JICA students (Degree seeking students)
11 Students who pass the special entrance examination for privately financed international students and come directly from abroad
12 Other students coming directly from overseas (including research students)

Accompanied by Family Members

All dormitories for international students are for single students. If you plan to bring your family with you, you will not be able to live in Okayama University housing. In this case, you will need to find an apartment for rent on your own. It is recommended that you come to Japan by yourself first and then bring your family over once you have established a living foundation.

If you are married but your spouse lives outside of Okayama Prefecture, you will be able to move into the dormitory. However, if your spouse lives in Okayama Prefecture, you will not be eligible to live in the dormitory. If this is the case, please inform the International Affairs Department by email as soon as possible. Please note that it is prohibited to have anyone stay overnight in the dormitory. Violators will be evicted.

Period of Stay

April entrants: April 1 to September 15

October entrants: September 24 to March 15 of the following year

Up to 1 year (*In principle, the period of stay cannot be extended.)

*For priority tenants whose expected period of enrollment at Okayama University is for 1 year or more, the period of stay is up to 6 months.
*For semi-priority tenants, the period of stay is up to 6 months regardless of the expected period of enrollment at Okayama University.
Except for those who have been in the program for less than one year.
For details, please check your own PERMISSION FOR RESIDENCE after you move in.


Moving in after September 24: Half of the monthly rent

Moving out in March or September (by the 15th of each month): Half of the monthly rent

You are required to pay the full monthly rent even if you move into or out of the dormitory in the middle of the month, with the exception of International House and the cases mentioned above.

Move-in Reception Hours


If you arrive outside of the dormitory’s designated reception hours, please arrange for your own accommodation at a hotel and plan to arrive at the dormitory during reception hours the following day. The room key will only be handed over at the dormitory.

  International Student Shared House
Kuwanoki Dormitory
International House
Fukui Dormitory
April 1 to April 3, 2024 9AM – 9PM 9AM – 7PM
Mondays to Fridays other than the above period 9AM – 6PM 9AM – 5PM
Saturdays 11AM – 4PM 10AM – 2PM
Sundays and Holidays 11AM – 4PM No Reception

Reception for International Student Shared House
is at Kuwanoki Dormitory.

Reception for Fukui Dormitory
is at International House.

Keys to Substitute

If the resident is unable to move in to the dormitory during reception hours, a substitute can pick up the key only during reception hours on the day of move-in.
Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before coming to the dormitory manager’s office.

Terms and Conditions

  1. A substitute may pick up the key only during the reception hours of the dormitory on the day the resident moves in.

    However, for International House and Fukui Dormitory only, if the day the resident moves in falls on a Sunday or a national holiday including summer and winter holidays, a substitute can pick up the key during the reception hours of the previous working day. 
    i.e. If the resident’s move-in day is Sunday, a substitute may pick up the keys between 10AM and 2PM on Saturday, the day before the move-in day.

  2. A substitute must be a faculty/staff member of Okayama University or an Okayama University student.
  3. No advance applications are required. Please present your staff ID or student ID card at the manager’s office of each dormitory and follow the designated procedures.
  4. Prior notification to the manager’s office of the date and time of pickup would make the process smoother. However, if the office is busy, a substitute may be asked to wait their turn when receiving. 
  5. When a substitute receives the keys, they will be asked if the resident would like to purchase a bedding set. Please confirm this with the resident in advance. Bedding sets can only be returned if they are unopened.
  6. Residents are responsible for lost or damaged room keys. 
  7. If the resident arrives outside of the reception hours, if there is any trouble with the room facilities, etc., it will be handled the next day or later. We ask for your understanding in advance. 

Sending Luggage to the Dormitory

If you wish to send luggage from your home country to the dormitory, please send no more than two packages per person and make sure that they arrive no earlier than three days before your move-in date. Packages cannot be accepted earlier than three days before move-in.
Please make sure to include your name*, the address of the dormitory you will be staying in, and your room number on the package. 
*Please write your full name as it appears on your passport. Nicknames and other names that cannot be verified at the dormitory will not be accepted.
Please also be aware that there may be customs fees or taxes that you will be responsible for paying when your packages arrive in Japan. 

Dormitory Orientation

We hold an orientation for new residents to inform them of the rules and expectations for living in the dormitory. All new residents are required to attend this orientation.



There is a bed in each room, but no bedding. If you would like to purchase a bedding-set, please ask the dormitory manager at the time of check-in and pay on the spot (cash only). It is not necessary to apply in advance.

  • Inquiries for purchase

    tanaka● *Please change ● to @. 

10,000 yen
Comforter / Futon mattress / Pillow / 3 kinds of covers / Storage case

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Rent (International House Residents only)

If you would like to rent a bedding-set, please contact the housing team by email at least 10 days before you plan to move in. If you do not contact us by the due date, you will not be able to rent the bedding-set and must purchase it at the move-in reception. Rental fees must be paid after move-in (cash only). Please note that the period of use cannot be shortened.

  • Inquiries and applications for rent 

    International Affairs Department Housing Team 
    housing●  *Please change ● to @. 

Within 30 days : 3,510 yen (*plus tax), more than 31 days : 117 yen x number of days (*plus tax)
Comforter / Futon mattress / Blanket / Pillow / Sheets / Pillow case 

Short Term Stay

If you are an international student coming to Japan directly from abroad and you are not able to move into the dormitories for international students, you can stay at the dormitory for a short period of time, up to one month, while you look for an apartment by yourself. If you are eligible for this, you will be contacted by the International Affairs Department via email.


Requests for residence in a specific dormitory will not be accepted. Dormitories are assigned. The fee includes utilities.
Kuwanoki Dormitory (single room): 26,000 yen for 1-31 days
International House (shared room): 16,500 yen for 1-14 days / 33,000 yen for 15-31 days