International Students with Residence Priority are not required to apply as they are guaranteed a room in the university dormitory. If you are not sure whether you are a priority student, please check the criteria on this page. International students who are not the priority students can still apply, and, if there are vacancies after allocating rooms to priority students, you will be notified by the International Affairs Department via email. 

We cannot guarantee to allocate rooms to all applicants due to the increasing number of students for a limited number of rooms available. 

No. The accommodation of all international students is arranged by the International Affairs Department in accordance with the criteria and rules of the university. In addition, the assigned room cannot be changed due to personal reasons and circumstances.

Procedures for Check-in 

In case the resident is unable to move in the dormitory during the reception hours, a substitute can pick up the key only during the reception hours on the day of moving in.
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before coming to the dorm manager’s office. 

As a general rule, please arrange your own accommodation in a hotel, etc. and arrive at your dormitory during the reception hours.

No. You can only move in during the permitted period of residence. 

Yes. If you wish to send baggage to the dormitory, please send no more than two packages per person and make sure that they arrive no earlier than three days before your move-in date. Packages cannot be accepted earlier than three days before move-in. Please make sure to include your English name, the address of the dormitory you will be staying in, and your room number. We cannot accept baggage that are paid on delivery or refrigerated. 

We do not offer a pick-up service. You need to arrange your transportation (bus or taxi) to the dormitory on your own.

Dormitory Life 

Yes. The various rules and regulations stipulated by each dormitory must be strictly observed by all residents in the dormitories. If you violate the rules, you may be ordered to leave the dormitory. 

There is no curfew; however, all residents are asked to use caution not to make loud noise at all times, especially after 10pm as Quiet Hours, so as not to disturb other residents.

Yes. Bedding, except for the mattress, must be prepared by yourself. Upon entering the dormitory, students may purchase them from the university’s partner vendors.

No. Please prepare them by yourself. 

Yes, each room has an active internet connection for free. You must supply your own computer and ethernet cable to use the connection. Also, each room has Wi-Fi.

The bed size of International Student Shared House is W: 99cm L: 197cm H: 17.5cm.

Yes. Between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm, guests may enter the building when the residents fill out the guest sign in sheet in front of the manager’s office. Residents must accompany guests at all times in the building. 
Between 10:00 pm and 9:00 am, no one is allowed to enter the building except the resident of that dormitory. Residents violating the rules may be asked to leave the building.

No. No one is allowed to stay overnight, and anyone who allowed someone to enter or stay in a private room after 10:00 pm will be subject to eviction.


Dormitory Fee

The billing statement will be posted in your mailbox around the middle of each month. Please ensure that you check your mailbox. The payment can be made using ATM, or over the counter at banks. Rent has to be paid by the last day of every month. 

The admission fee will be charged with the rent of the first month.
i.e. The payment of the admission fee and monthly rent of September and October will be due by the end of October for residents who moved in on September 24. 

We don’t accept credit card and overseas remittance.

No. It is nonrefundable. 

A full month’s rent is charged in the case of moving in or out mid-month. The dormitory fee cannot be prorated. However, the prescribed amount of rent is charged in the cases below:

  • Moving in after September 24th: half of the monthly rent
  • Moving out in March or September (before 15th each month): half of the monthly rent

Procedures for Move-out

Please submit the “Notification of Departure” form to the dormitory manager one month before the date of departure. The prescribed form can be obtained from the dormitory manager. 

It is not allowed to change the date of departure after submitting the “Notification of Departure” under any circumstances. 

No. The residence period cannot be extended. 

If you will move out more than one month earlier than the permitted period of residence and do not submit “Notification of Departure” by the due date (one month before the date of departure), a penalty fee (for one month’s rent fee) must be paid.