Class Offered

About Classes that can be chosen when applying

When applying for Pre-Master Course, choose either the Start-up Class or the Basic Class based on your specialization and Japanese proficiency after consulting with the faculty member who has accepted your application. You cannot change the class after applying.

Class Class Description
Start-up Class The Start-up Class offers six hours per week of Japanese language classes and activities. In addition, for students who intend to study science disciplines in the graduate school, auditing of specialized subjects and laboratory activities are included for four hours per week. For students who intend to study humanities, as well as classes for thesis writing, follow-up support is provided for the improvement of academic Japanese skills.
Basic Class The Basic Class offers 10.5 hours per week of fundamental academic Japanese language classes. Students will gain the four skills necessary for research activities (reading, writing, listening, speaking), and acquire comprehensive academic Japanese proficiency. In addition, students will prepare for graduate school by auditing graduate school classes and receiving research guidance, as long as it does not conflict with Japanese language class time.
Advanced Class The Advanced Class offers 10.5 hours per week of academic Japanese language classes. Applying the Japanese language skills acquired in the Basic Class, students will gain the ability to express themselves more richly and appropriately. Through the subjects in the applied class, students can develop practical text writing skills and communication skills for their own research. *The applied class can only be chosen by students who have finished the Basic Class.
Disciplinary Class The Disciplinary Class can be chosen by students who have been attending the Pre-Master Course for over six months. Learning is focused on participation in research activities and auditing specialized subjects for their faculty or graduate school. Under the guidance of a graduate school faculty member, students will learn the skills and specialized knowledge necessary for graduate school. Students who wish to enroll in this class can re-take a maximum of two academic Japanese language subjects. *The Disciplinary Class cannot be chosen when applying for this course.


Class Subject Name
Start-up Class Academic Japanese: Vocabulary/Grammar
Academic Japanese: Listening
Japanese Communication
Introduction to Japanese Thesis Writing
Academic Japanese Supplementary Course
Basic Class Academic Listening
Academic Japanese Expression I
Academic Japanese Expression II
Academic Text Reading Comprehension
Oral Expression Seminar
Individual Research I
Communication Skill I
Japanese Writing I
Advanced Class Academic Listening
Academic Research Seminar
Oral Expression Seminar
Individual Research II
Graduate School Support Guidance
Communication Skill II
Japanese Writing II